Humana People to People in Latvia

Humana People to People in Latvia is a non-governmental organization , founded in 2006.

Its aim is to promote public awareness of development issues , calling for everyone to understand their role in the modern world and to play an active and responsible behavior in its creation.



Organization Humana People to People story

The world is a resource that everyone can identify. The world is a big puzzle, and each of us forms an important piece of it. Therefore, solving any problem is to look at the whole picture of it. World processes can seem far, if our puzzle pieces do not touch each other directly.  But in the whole picture they affect the daily lives and values of each of us, for example environmental problems.



Values. Global education is self-knowledge, which is the basis of value. Each person can bring their own values​​,  boosting up his confidence, focusing on the inner light and believing his own way. Boosting up your own value, internal light, happens resonance, which affects and creates the world. Believe in yourself , your values ​​and your way means to influence and create the world.


Global identity. „So much truths around, that you can lose yourself if you dont have your own truth” (Imants Ziedonis).

We are creating the world and its values. First of all, it means to identify your world and values. Actively exploring, doing things, traveling, believing in yourself and going your own way in the world, we are creating the concepts of society, the environment, feelings and so on. By shining our own inner light, we become from consumers to creators.


If you want to change the world, arranges your room. Self-knowledge lies in the small everyday activities while living here and  now and creating relationship with the environment and other people. It means that you need to explore world with your own interest, you don't need to force yourself on your own truth. By arranging our rooms, we are changing our attitude.


Organization is the environment in which we can bring our own values​​, which creates their own world and realizes your own way .